Have you or has someone you know had breast cancer? Would they benefit from the book In His Shadow: an inspirational story of Hope?



ORDER DIRECT  “In His Shadow”  here:  .

FOR A FREE SAMPLE COPY of my book “In His Shadow”, download: Free Sample

“In His Shadow” is also available by contacting me here, or at http//,  or at  for $8.00 plus shipping and Ohio tx for the month of OCTOBER, breast cancer awareness month.  The book will be available on Kindle soon.

I am available to speak to support groups, women’s groups or churches in the north central Ohio area.


“Writing as only one who has experienced a disease can, April takes her readers on a journey through her diagnosis, treatment, and the stages of cancer. She speaks healing words of comfort and encourages readers, healthy or not, to depend on and trust God, no matter what the circumstances. April’s book would be a lovely and helpful gift for caregivers, clergy, or anyone diagnosed with a serious disease.” ~Donna J. Shepherd Children’s book writer/author of devotionals and more.
“April writes from the heart and always tells the truth, even when it hurts. In the midst of that hurt, she finds the tiniest sparkles of joy, and shares them, thus lifting the load for herself and others.” ~Debbonaire Kovacs Author of fiction and non-fiction devotionals and historical accounts.
“How does one walk a tremulous and tedious journey of faith in a God that loves us, yet has allowed such a thing as “cancer” to occur? Its’ a question being turned over and over in the minds of new patients every day- “how does God fit into all of this?” Or better- “how do I get through this?” April walks us through her journey sprinkling it all with wise words to live by when led by God out into the wilderness of cancer-land. When dealing with hard things, it’s important to know on Whom you need to lean. April’s writing leads us through her honest journey of questioning, yet faith: soul sickness yet love; hurt yet healing. I recommend her book for any facing such struggles- especially those landing in ‘cancer-land’”. ~Karen Gerwig, cancer survivor and writer http://hiddenplacessongsofdeliverance.blogspot
“Love this book…not only for it’s content but for the beautiful surviving woman that wrote it and lived it” ~ Kathy Christian


Praying for the Warriors, Supporting the Survivors, Remembering the Taken, and Never Ever Giving Up Hope!








    • Thank you. I wish the best for Aunt Holly (love the name!) and offer prayers for her quick recovery and healing! If you wish to order the book, please confirm. You can simply order online at the Creatspace eStore link on the book page, or email me privately and I’ll send you my address.
      See my facebook page for a free chapter, and a support group. Thanks, and many blessings.


  1. This sounds uplifting and not just to those who suffer with cancer. I became very ill after my daughter was born and I’m still not better (she’s almost three now) but I have much improved, and it is clearly by God’s grace because it doesn’t match the doctor’s prognosis for me at all. Stories like these are so encouraging. Thank you for sharing!


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